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Our patented, award winning, EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners are the most reliable, long-lasting fasteners on the market. Made in the USA, our dark, ultra-violet resistant polypropylene hidden deck fasteners will not rust or shrink. Even at temperatures over 200 degrees F, EB-TY will neither crack nor soften. Given its approximated life span of 100 years, the fastener saves the homeowner money on deck repair. 
Hidden deck fastening systems enhanse the beauty and durability of your deck.
EB-TY Original 3/32" hidden deck fasteners set a level, uniform 3/32" spacing between deck boards, highlighting the beauty of the decking material. We offer an EB-TY fastener for every type of wood and composite and the EB-TY Original 3/32" hidden deck fastener is recommended for 3/4" and 5/4" deck boards including: Ipé (ee-pay), Redwood, Cedar, CorrectDeck Classic, and composites. The standard black biscuit design is made to blend in the the shadows of your deck joists, but custom-made, special order colors are also available.
Hidden deck fastening systems enhanse the beauty and durability of your deck.
The EB-TY Hidden Deck-Fastening System consists of black biscuits that are inserted into slots or kerfs cut by a biscuit joiner, or router bit, at each joist. One stainless steel #7 2-1/4" screw holds each biscuit tight. After applying beads of exterior construction glue to each joist, the next deck board slips over the exposed EB-TY fasteners. It's fast and easy. 

EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners save you time and money. You work from the top surface when using EB-TY fasteners, so you can build decks as close to the ground as you want, or even float them over flat roofs. Installation takes only one EB-TY hidden deck fastener and one screw wherever a deck board intersects with a joist.


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