Royal PVC Trim

Fox Lumber now stocks Royal S4S Trimboard


Royal Trimboard are 100% cellular PVC.


Royal exterior trimboard and mouldings are ready to install,


easy to maintain,  moisture proof,  termite proof and


guaranteed to never rot.


Royal S4S  Trimboard can be used in countless ways to trim a home


and add long-lasting beauty and value. Its smooth, durable, 4-sided finish


resists dirt buildup, while its "true square" edges provide cleaner


installation. Reversible Royal S4S Trimboard comes ready to install,  is


paintable and backed by a lifetime never rot warranty.


Fox lumber stocks Royal in 1X4, 1X6, 1X8, 1X10, 1X12, 5/4X4, 5/4X6, 5/4X8, 5/4X10 and 5/4X12 all in 18'  lengths.


Also stocked 3/8X6-16' and 5/8X6-18' T&G Edge and Center Bead.


Fox Lumber also stocks royal PVC sheets in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1" thickness in 4X8 sheets.  


Fox also stocks a wide selections of Royal PVC exterior trim profiles  including 5/4X4 and 5/4X6-20' outside corners.



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