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Experience Plus Quality Control Makes Premium Wood Pellets


   Lignetics Wood Pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Their pellets contain all-natural


   biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating their wood pellet


   fuel as premiun grade. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce


   less than one precent ash. This translates to a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets


   burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper 


   and less waste to clean up.


   The emission rate for wood pellet stoves when using Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets is approximately 1.2 grams


   per hour, which falls well below the nationwide EPA regulation of less than 7.5 grams per hour.



Lignetics Premiun Wood Pellets Begin With Premiun Raw Material


    Quality of raw material to produce wood pellets can vary amoung species of trees and at Lignetics, they begin their


    production of wood pellet fuel with only the best. Lignetics Wood Pellets are made only from the finest premium


    quality hardwood sawdust at the East Coast plants.


    With Lignetics Wood Pellets, you can rest assured you're purchasing the #1 wood pellet fuel value in America, from


    one of the oldest and most recognized names in the wood pellet industry. Lignetics Wood Pellets are safe, economical,


    convenient and  environmentally friendly.



Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets Are Produced in the United States For Use in North America


    Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are made in the United States using renewable, recycled biomass in the United States.


    Lignetics is making a conscious effort to produce a useable wood pellet heating source from material that could otherwise


    be wasted. They are dedicated to producing the most efficient biomass heating source available. Lignetics Premium Wood


    Pellets are not only the best source for heating, they are helping to keep the United States economy in the U.S. Wood pellet


    fuel is a renewable heating source the includes many American-based industries. Material is recycled, gathered, manufactured


    as wood pellets, transported, distributed and used in wood pellet stoves that are produced in the United States.  Wood pellet


    heat is a win-win source of heating for the U.S. economy.




   Lignetics quality control ensures that you are purchasing the best wood pellets available. They use the finest, highest quality


   raw material available for their products. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets burn hotter, more efficiently and less ash than their


   competitors, which translates into several distinct benefits.


   Lignetics does not cut corners to produce their premium wood pellets. There are some items where it makes sense to shop


   and buy less expensive products, but when it comes to wood pellets this does not apply, for the following reasons


        1.   You would need to burn a larger quanity of lesser wood pellets to produce the same amount of heat as Lignetics brand.


              The dollars here even out, but you will have to spend more of your energy to deal with the higher volume of wood pellets


              when you must haul more of them.


        2.   Burning lower quality wood pellets translates into more emissions into the atmosphere and potentially more dangerous


              creosote emissions.


        3.   Burning more lower quality wood pellets means you will have more ash to clean up. Lignetics wood pellets are designated


              PREMIUM and therefore produce more heat and less than 1% ash.


        4.   Using a lower quality product will also increae the amount of material your heating system must handle. This puts more


              stress on your heating system, creates more need for maintenance and leads to more costs in the long run.






       Q.    Are Wood Pellets an Environmentally Friendly Source of Heat?


       A.    YES. Wood pellet fuel is a carbon neutral heating source. Wood pellets are the cleanest burning soild biomass


              fuel available. If every household converted to wood pellet fuel (or an equivalent renewable source) for heating,


              the total carbon emissions of the United States would drop by more than 8%. (Data taken from Dr. Jerry Whitfield's


              seminar "reduction in Greenhouse Gases Using Biomass Pellets for Residential Space Heating," 6/3/98).


       Q.    Is it true  Wood Pellet Heat is more Reliable and Stable than Gas and Electric Heat?


       A.    ABSOLUTELY. Wood pellet heat has maintained a steady price over time, compared to other heating sources. Wood


              pellets are produced domestically from recycled, renewable biomass. This means that a readily available supply exists


              and will continue to be available in the United States. By using wood pellet heat, you are not only ensuring a stable heating


              source, you are helping to stimulate the American economy. Lignetics Wood Pellet manufacturing facilites employ hundreds


              of people and helps support other domestic industries such as shipping, distributing, etc.


       Q.   Why Sould I Buy Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets when other Wood Pellets are Available at a Lower Cost?



       A.    Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets may cost more per ton to buy initally, but they also produce more per ton than other


              lower cost pellets. This means you can burn fewer Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets than lower cost wood pellets to


              achieve the same or better heating effect. The benefits here are numerous:


                 1.    Using fewer wood pellets means less handling, hauling, loading, and storing. 


                 2.    Less biomass burned means fewer emissions released into the atmosphere.


                 3.   Less material burned means less stress on you and your heating system and lower long-term maintenance costs.


                 4.   Fewer wood pellets burned means less clean up.


       Q.    How is it that Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets produce more heat per ton than other pellets? They're all made from wood,


              and wood is wood, right?


       A.    Yes, wood pellets are all made from wood, but WOOD IS NOT ALL THE SAME  in terms of heat and ash content, 


              therefore all wood pellets are not the same. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are made only from the highest quality,


              clean,  pure sawdust and  shavings.  Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets are manufactured under a proprietary, patented 


              process that ensures cleaner and more complete combustion, thus yielding more heat per pound.


       Q.    Why does Clener Combution Matter?



       A.    In a perfect combustion process, all of the material burned is converted into heat with no ash or gases emitted. But perfect


              combustion of solid fuel is not possible. However, with wood pellets, gases, pitch, resin, and other combustion by-products,


              ash is minimal. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets produce fewer emissions than many other pellets available.



        Q.   Does a Little Bit of Gas, Aerosol and Ash Really Matter?


        A.   OF COURSE. Not only do these rob you of heat, they cost you additional stove maintenance, and unnecessary


              environmental pollution. Lignetics Premium Wood Pellets burn cleaner, creating more heat and less contaminates


              that have  adverse effects on your stove and the environment.


        Q.   I have heard that Lignetics claims to have better quality control than other manufacturers. What does this mean


              to me and why should I care?


        A.   Better quality control means more consistency from bag to bag and from ton to ton of wood pellets. You can depend on


              Lignetics for repeatable performance year after year. With Lignetics, it is easy to calculate your cost savings.





         Lignetics is one of the pioneers in the wood pellet fuel industry. The company was founded in 1983 by Dr. William Pickering,


         retired Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in conjunction with a group of investors who had vision to see that our


         country was in need of a clean, renewable alternative to carbon-based fuels. A patented process was developed to efficiently


         produce wood pellets that set the stanard for quality. Today, Lignetics produces the best premium wood pellet fuel available.



























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